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Buy Manuals

Paint Production Training Manual

Paints taught include: • Emulsion paint • Textured paint • Flextured paint • Satin or nylon paint • POP paint • Matte Eggshell • Flex coat • Textured matte • Marble effect • Marble trowel • Base coat • Graffitex • Gloss paint • Varnish • Undercoat • Anti-rust

Paint Production Training Manual (special paints)

Paints Taught Include: •Stucco paint • Silk paint • Floor paint • Road marking paint • Water proof emulsion paint • Water proof texcoat paint • Weather shield paint • c40 screeding paint • c50 screeding paint • Satin remover (tiles cleaner after satin wall painting) • Wood polish • Thinner chemical for mixing oil paint • Mosquitoes repellent pant

Car Paint Production Training Manual

Paints taught include: • Auto base paint • Auto lux paint • Auto cryl paint • Auto primers paints • Auto cellulose hardener • Two pack epoxy • Marine primers • Epoxy enamel • Anti fouling paint.

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