Paint Business

Paint Business

Wall paint is an essential commodity that does not just beautify but also serves as a protective measures on a surface. Thus the demand and market for paint is at every environment at all times. Paint is a material that is applied as a liquid and dries by a variety of chemicals processes to a solid form. We apply paint for: • Decoration • Protection• Identification • Sanitation etc.  However, Paint Business is the combination of paint production, packaging, sales and distribution; Expert Paint Advice Academy presents to you, Wall Paint Business: Costs and Procedures of Paint, that will help you enter and compete favorably in the decorative paint industry. To find out why you should start a paint business today, click here.

Expert Paint Advice, a company with a wide experience in the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of paints now offers you all her formulas and techniques to equip you to produce various types of paints, for personal use and for commercial purposes. Because we are experienced in this, the production costs are low and the standards are intact, however, when you start commercially, and you have a client that desires better qualities, you can increase the quantities of some materials to beef up the overall quality of the paint.

There are people who wrongly think that for manufacturing paints, a big factory of high investment is required, that simply -IS NOT TRUE- as what you will need is a small mixing machine and little space. And you need ACCURATE QUANTITY OF EACH CHEMICALS AND PRODUCTION PROCEDURES to produce a quality paint.


1. Oil base paint

2. Water base paint

Types of water base paint

Water base paints are paints that is been production with WATER as the solvent. For the course of this training we shall be discussing about twelve different types of water base paints:

• Emulsion paint

• Textured paint

• Flextured paint

• Satin or nylon paint

• POP paint

• Matte Eggshell

• Flex coat

• Textured matte

• Marble effect

• Marble trowel

• Base coat

• Graffitex

Types Oil Base Paint

Oil base paint are paints been produce with kerosene or petrol or toluene as the solvent and with akyld resin.For the course of this training we shall be discussing about four different types of oil base paints:

• Gloss paint

• Varnish

• Undercoat

• Anti-rust

To get started, choose a category below;

Small scale

Factory scale

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